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Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

05 Sep Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

As we head into quarter four of 2016, we felt it relevant to highlight the leading marketing stats that have grown significantly online during 2016. As marketers, we are bombarded by the huge amount of information which can make it quite difficult to separate exaggerated data from real insightful KPI’s.

With this, we decided to do the hard work for you and provide bit-sized, insightful facts to keep you at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy.

With the proliferation of new apps, tools and regular changes in the algorithms for Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it is often hard to keep up with the constant updates in the world of digital media.

For those who seek to lead the constant change in digital marketing and are already on the lookout for what’s new and set to change, keeping up with trends can help you compete and decide where to spend your marketing budget.

The following are four growing digital marketing trends that will dominate 2017.

Live videos and live feeds that will transform the digital media landscape

The use of live feeds began in 2015 with the increase of Periscope and Meerkat. This trend saw huge growth in 2016 with Facebook Live and Snapchat Stories joining the scene. Statistics indicate that Snapchat’s Live Stories generate between 10 to 20 million views per day while Facebook has eight billion video views daily and its users spend three times longer watching live video.

During 2016, Facebook Live has been widely used to cover important events such as the international coverage of the unfortunate terrorist attacks in Southern France and Germany and the coverage of the Brexit referendum. The recent widespread use of Facebook Live has led analysts to speculate that this will replace the need of television news in the near future.

The live feed tool should be embedded in your digital marketing strategy. This social media tool can be used to broadcast your events, showcase your products, talk about your services and simply engage with your target audience and more!


Engagement Engagement Engagement

While content is inevitably still king, the question on every marketer’s lips is; what kind of content? There is so much content across the digital landscape that it leaves viewers overwhelmed and confused. Research shows that there are two million blogs published every day and over 300 hours’ worth of video content uploaded to YouTube every minute.

The most important factor is to have unique, simple and interesting content that will get people to take notice. We’re also seeing an interesting shift towards interactive content that is a sure way to entertain our audience.

Mobile market is still growing

As we all know too well, it’s not enough to have a website for desktop use. It is imperative that your website is optimised for mobile.

As the use of mobile market continues to expand. Google penalises websites that are not optimised for mobile use and mobile uploading speed.

What this means for marketers and your digital marketing planning; is the need to prepare to produce and distribute content to fit the format, channel and the time and place for your current and target customers.

The growth of Snapchat and Instagram

Having a Facebook and Twitter account is not enough, it is now time to diversify your social media platforms to include both Snapchat and Instagram. These two platforms are significantly growing, especially for users under the age of 34.

Instagram has been hailed “most engaging” social platform and Snapchat has over 100 million active users.

To create a noise on these platforms it’s important to make your content visually engaging and appealing. Text based content will stimulate growth and engagement, but what will really set you apart in the digital arena, is visual content. Using infographics and video will inevitably help with your search rankings.

Another trend for video is the explosion of programmatic video, projected to be 2/3 of total digital video spending in the UK by 2019. Marketers that spend their budget right will stand out from their competitors in delivering ads that are more timely, relevant and responsive to their customer’s needs.


So now we’ve touched on the exciting changes in the digital landscape for 2017. Next, we will be looking at leveraging this insight and creating that winning marketing strategy that’s fit for your business objectives.

Stay tuned for next months’ article on writing your successful digital marketing strategy for 2017.

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