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Understand your data

01 Sep Understand your data

It used to be said that data empowered digital marketer’s lives, making the decision to spend budgets that little bit easier. In the last 12 months, this has almost certainly extended to include all marketers as the data helps us report on successes, losses and more importantly, find any disrupters stopping users from getting in touch, or making a purchase.

There are hundreds of free and paid tools available. From a tracking perspective, Google Analytics is by far the most popular, with estimates of 30-50 million websites using the service worldwide. In China, Google Analytics is one of the only Google products that isn’t blocked behind “The Great Firewall”. However, data is often slow to be transferred and intermittent at times.

It doesn’t matter what Analytics tool you are using; without customisation your data will mean nothing. You won’t be able to align it to your commercial objectives, or report on your successes. The key with data is knowing what to do with it and when, and in many respects – all quantitative data needs to be balanced with qualitative too.

Ultimately, too much non-contextualised data can mean that your data is skewed and too little won’t give you any insight into how your website is performing.

To find out how to make better use of your data, email: [email protected]

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