Brand, Design & Platform Development

An online subscription-based soccer coaching platform. We are rethinking online soccer coaching via their industry-leading tools and expert content. Built to offer effective coaching development solutions for players and coaches of all levels. Our fascination with the game has allowed us to innovate a pioneering world-class coaching platform to inspire coaches of all levels, the sweet science behind football lies within their platform.

The brief

We were bought on board to develop and deliver Cupello's online strategy, positioning them as major players in the online soccer education US and UK market.

Our solution

As part of our groundbreaking new paywall site we provided Cupello with a seamless user experience that exceeds market expectations in order to drive engagement, loyalty and revenue. The created innovative tools are a response to how the online soccer education industry is changing which helps to differentiate Cupello in the market. 

Our work with Cupello to research, design, build and roll out the soccer education platform has created an industry- leading solution, contributing to the company’s vision to set a standard of online soccer education. Discussions of the next phase of the platform have now started and we are soon starting exciting additions to their service offering.

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