Sapphire Systems

User Centric Design & Application Development

Sapphire Systems is a global provider of SAP and Infor Cloud ERP, Finance software, BI and EAM. They have in-depth knowledge of their customers’ needs and their dedicated team of professionals work with them to ensure their financial management system is a perfect fit for their business model. Sapphire Systems pride themselves on a strong track record for implementing successful financial management solutions and this is reflected in the high portfolio of clients who have worked with them over the years.

Rubik Digital have been successfully working with Sapphire since 2016 and have recently been appointed to transform their customer first support platform and solidify Sapphire as global leaders or SAP and INFOR support.

The brief

The goal was to achieve a complete digital transformation of their customer support portal and redefine how their customers interact with their internal support team.

Our solution

We looked at Sapphire's support service model to identify how the new digital platform could reduce support response times and alleviate customer pain-points, with the view of improving user experience. After conducting a full review of their old customer support processes, we created new customer journeys and streamlined the architecture, allowing us to identify a number of opportunities to better serve customers through launching a new application product.

As a complex organisation, Sapphire has multiple stakeholders. We therefore, had to engage across the entire business to get buy-in to the transformation programme. We successfully and rapidly developed a range of innovational service tools to help the customer get instant support results.